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Fiori - Perth Model, Western Australia, Australia


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Not available for TF shoots please.

This is my sole income & I'm saving up money to start an eco-community in nature in Eastern Europe. I don't really appreciate inquiries and/or unfounded criticism about my ideal of living alternatively. How I want to live there is my own thing, I only want to share with you for what I am saving money for & not discuss all the details of a place that does not even exist yet. I am not even planning anything concrete at this stage. Sorry for not being very open on this topic, but people who are happy living in society send out too much criticism to such ideas. We can discuss anything else if you need to :)

I don't have a smart phone & don't always have internet as I am traveling. I try to answer as fast as I can, please be patient, and not pushy ;)


*** Dec - Feb ' 15: Goa, India
*** March - April '15: Australia & New Zealand
*** June - Sept '15: Europe (Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium)


Perth: 20 Feb 5 March
Adelaide: 6 -9 March
Melbourne: 10 23 March
Sydney: 23 March 6 April
Brisbane & Gold Coast: 6 20 April.


Hello, thank you for looking at my profile :)

My name is Flora. I'm a traveling young woman. Originally from the Netherlands. Though I like to view myself as a free soul, in transition to an alternative lifestyle. I don't feel attached to any specific place or country. I love nature in general and would like to live in a natural, peaceful environment. I am saving up money to purchase a small property in a yet to be discovered location smile The last few years I have been traveling with friends & living in different countries. I started doing some modelling through Model Mayhem while traveling in Australia in 2013.

PLEASE NOTE: In Europe I travel with a friend who drives me to shoots. This does not mean he always has to be present at the shoot ~ though he can have an additional value (creative ideas, assist, and he makes me smile smile when doing a shoot in nature). I either prefer to have seen a photo of the photographer before-hand, or I would like to bring a friend. Unless you are a very professional photographer of course.

Please provide me with detailed information below when you are interested in working with me. This saves a lot of back 'n forth emailing, and just creates a good start of our collaboration I have found. Please include:

1. Your name
2. Location of the shoot
3. Budget for the shoot
4. Potential dates for the shoot
5. Approximate length in hours of the shoot
6. Do you provide outfit/makeup/food etc?
7. What will the photos be used for?
8. Do you have a model release form?
9. A link to examples of your work (if not provided on this website).

* * * Additional information about my body:
0. I do not drink, smoke or do drugs.
1. No tattoos or piercings.
2. I do not shave my pubic area (I trim it a bit of course). No discussion possible.
3. Due to a very bad appendicitis surgery in Turkey... I have a scar on my belly. Running vertically, from below my belly button till my pubic hair.
4. Due to getting prescribed the wrong medicine for a fungus infection in Cairns, Australia... I now still have some scarring on my right calf. I've had this during all of the photo's that are in my profile, and can be easily hidden or edited. For some reasons, doctors like to give me the wrong treatment and operations... :(
5. I have full hips.
6. Many photographers have said that I am flexible. I don't do any dancing. Though I have done some yoga a few years ago.
7. I'm a very natural person & lots of makeup does not suit me very well. I don't know how to put on more than mascara and powder. This may sound stupid, but I try to distance myself from too much unnatural-ness. If you want more makeup, it might be better to arrange a MUA.

* * * Additional information about my personality:
0. As mentioned above: I am a free soul and don't want to conform too much to cultural norms.
1. This does not mean I am a rebel. I am actually a very calm and gentle person. Though also observatory and critical ;)
2. I am picky with who I work with and to what level I am willing to go. There are many odd characters out there. I prefer not to waste my energy to people with a bad vibe or intentions, even if they offer me a lot of money. If I doubt a photographers intentions or want to feel safe as the shoot might be in a secluded area, I will make sure that a friend travels with me and other people know where I am.
3. I do not feel comfortable being in situations where drinking or smoking or drug-use is going on and/or has a criminal atmosphere present.
4. I find that I shoot best in natural settings and with mutual respect.
5. In my experience so far, I have noticed that shoots of 3-5 hours are ideal. I don't make bookings for less than 3 hours / 250 euros. For less hours or money, it is not worth it for me, because of preparation time for the shoots, travel time, additional costs and socializing. And then I prefer to have a day/parts of the day off, to relax :)

Other relevant information:
1. As I am traveling, all I can carry around is what fits in my suitcase. I mostly have skirts and dresses that can be used for shoots. As I mostly do art nude, or shoots with simple clothing,... I don't have amazing outfits for glamour/fashion/lingerie shoots. You can always ask me if I own something specific, but keep in mind I'm traveling, so can't go shopping too much as I will have to carry it around or throw it away after the shoot...
2. In the case that I give you my phone number, please only use it for clear business arrangements & emergencies. I'm generally pretty busy and traveling constantly from place to place. It is more convenient for us both to arrange the shooting arrangements through email. Texting me is okay though. Also, I don't have a smart phone, so I can't send and pics and can't receive them that way. Remember that I don't have access to internet all day long and can sometimes not respond quickly.
3. In case of cancellations, please let me know asap, so that I can adjust my plans in time.

If you are interested in hosting me:
1. This is always appreciated of course :) Me & my friends try to live as minimalists, and always appreciate little bits of help.
2. Until now, the 'deal' has usually been about a 3-hour shoot for 3-4 nights.
3. Good to know would be that I usually got to bed around 9pm. Depending on where I am traveling, its usually the case that my main purpose of traveling is modelling. This would mean that I am pretty busy with shoots & emails, and will not have much time for social interaction, but of course will make time for our shooting and a short chat.
4. Both me and my friend are not so much into chit chatting. We are calm, reflective people, some might say spiritual or philosophical. This could be good to know for some people who are allergic to these psychological activities ;) This sometimes has happened in the past, that people don't feel comfortable with our lifestyle, whilst we are not actually doing or saying anything about it. But they expect too much from us that we will be into tourist things, sight seeing, drinking, partying or talking about 'current/stupid' things in the news and such, so to be clear, we don't really care for those kinds of talks. So its important for you to understand that we won't feel the need to fulfill those expectations and/or lifestyle you might have toward us. You are always free to be yourself, but you have to understand that it is not our job to react to you. Just so you know and don't feel ignored or offended :)

* * * Rates for Australia:
Depends on content, hours, location and what the photo's are used for.
I usually get paid 100-130/hour for Art Nude (Australian Dollars).
...If you have great talent and/or are an amazing person, we can negotiate a bit different rates :)
...If you are very wealthy, you like my attitude & would like to contribute to me saving towards starting an eco-community... some more money is always welcome ;)

Last Logged in: Sunday Feb 26, 2017 at 8:26 PM
Profile Last Updated: Tuesday Dec 02, 2014 at 6:59 AM

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Personal Details
Age: 31
Cup size: A
Weight: 53 kg
Height: 168 cm
Dress size: 8
Hair: Brown - light
Eyes: Blue
Experience: Very Experienced
Modeling Details & Rates
Swimsuit: 75.00/hr
Lingerie: 75.00/hr
Topless: 100.00/hr
Artistic Nude Figure: 120.00/hr
Erotic Nude: 150.00/hr

Euro - EUR

Sexy models: Australia: Perth Model Fiori - Australian Model General
Sexy models: Australia: Perth Model Fiori - Australian Model General
Sexy models: Australia: Perth Model Fiori - Australian Model General
Sexy models: Australia: Perth Model Fiori - Australian Model General
Sexy models: Australia: Perth Model Fiori - Australian Model General
Sexy models: Australia: Perth Model Fiori - Australian Model General
Sexy models: Australia: Perth Model Fiori - Australian Model General
Sexy models: Australia: Perth Model Fiori - Australian Model General
Sexy models: Australia: Perth Model Fiori - Australian Model General
Sexy models: Australia: Perth Model Fiori - Australian Model General
Sexy models: Australia: Perth Model Fiori - Australian Model General
Sexy models: Australia: Perth Model Fiori - Australian Model General

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