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Abygael Williams - Valleyfield Model, Quebec, Canada


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Model's Comments:

Hey all!

First off, thanks for visiting my page. smile

I am an alternative model,therefor I have tattoos and piercings wink

That said, I'm a Valleyfield based model and I can easily come to Montreal or the surrounding cities.

I've been modeling for the past 14 years, and I have been in the adult industry for the past 16 years or so.

I'm a mom, a model and a Mistress. I am interested in any type of shoot and I don't have many restrictions.

I've worked with many photographers, both pros and amateurs, and did learn a great deal from both.

I am mostly available on the weekend. If you are interested in a shoot, please inquire with the followings :

-Type of shoot
-Possible location and date
-Compensation type

Oh! I forgot, if you have any crazy creative weird ideas, and are on the lookout for a model, well I'm up for the challenge any time!!

Thank you for stopping by!

--------------Upcoming sessions-----------------


--------------Worked With---------------------------


**Olivier Bump (MM3951369) - Fetish/Explicit / Erotic Nudes
**Twenty14Photography (MM 3465295) - Bodypainting
**Robert Choquette (MM3049420) - Boudoir / Erotic Nude
**Zed1964 - Pantyhose Fetish/Erotic/Nude ( photo and videos)(Multiple Shoot)
**Zime Mille - Artistic Nude/Drawing
** R. Williams - AB/DL (Multiple Shoot)(Website)
** Gamin - Casual / Topless/ Nudes/Sensual/Erotic
**Tucco Photographe (MM1143376) - Dirty Topless / Jeans
**LS Photography - Private Shoot / Light Bondage
**Normand Dubois - Foot Fetish / Physical submission
**Olivier Reichenbach - Casual to sensual nudes
**Vito DiPaola - Nudes / Semi-nudes / Casual
**Mike Malo - Tickling Fetish Video (website)
**Joe Pino (MM121604) - Smoking/Pregnancy Fetish (websites) (Multiple Shoots/Pregnancy Follow-up)
**Peter Dean (MM 487409) - Pregnancy Nudes / Bondage / Nude experimental (Multiple Shoots/Pregnancy Follow-Up)
**TMM Productions (MM 715149) - Tickling Fetish
**J.A. Wellet - Nudes/ girl-girl/ semi-nudes (OMP 139710)(Multiple Shoots)
**Jamie Miller - Pregnancy Semi-nudes(Painter)
**Digital Dream (MP 19218)- Pregnancy Nudes/semi-nudes
**Sunil Joshi - Artistic/Erotic and Pregnancy Nudes (OMP 151836)(Multiple Shoots)
**Michel Lacombe - Comic Book (OMP 158872)(Multiple Shoots)
**Paul Latimer - Artistic/Erotic Nudes,Lingerie (MP 7372)(OMP156061)(Multiple Shoots)

**Billie Prudence (MM819542) : Latex / Fetish
**Princessa Cote (MM 3027895) : Multiple sessions
**Vicky : Fellow Pornstar @ Pornstar Party
**Nemesis (MDQ3889) : Girl/girl Pantyhose Fetish
**Looshkin (MM 838155) : Dirty Topless / Jeans
**Vanillalicious (MM 692304) : Dirty Topless / Jeans
**Noemie P (MM 1168905) : Ditry Topless / Jeans
** Yumi U (MM 60337) : Smoking Fetish Shoot
** Christelle D (MM 90362) : Casual / Semi-Nude Shoot
** Melanie (Not from MM) : Girl/Girl Glamour Shoot
** Flora (Not from MM) : Tickling Fetish

-----------------Working credits and realisations----------------

** Star of the Pornstar Party @ Fuzzy Brossard Oct. 8th 2010
**Cover Page of Comic Book THE PUNISHER: FORCE OF NATURE(Fevrier 2008)
** - 3D Porn /Solo and duo with a girl
** - Mistress Sondra
** - Smoking Fetish Site (Preview on youtube under **Smokekiss)
** - Dirty Socks Fetish (Under Ashley)
** - Adult Site
** - Smoking Fetish Site

Last Logged in: Wednesday Nov 07, 2018 at 8:20 AM
Profile Last Updated: Wednesday Nov 07, 2018 at 8:20 AM

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Personal Details
Age: 34
Cup size: A
Weight: 130 lbs
Height: 5 ' 5 "
Dress size: 8
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Experience: Very Experienced
Modeling Details & Rates
Swimsuit: 30.00/hr
Lingerie: 50.00/hr
Topless: 75.00/hr
Artistic Nude Figure: 100.00/hr
Erotic Nude: 150.00/hr

Canada Dollars - CAD

Topless models: Canada: Valleyfield Model Abygael Williams - Canadian Model Topless
Artistic Nude Figure models: Canada: Valleyfield Model Abygael Williams - Canadian Model Nude - Artistic
Sexy models: Canada: Valleyfield Model Abygael Williams - Canadian Model Nude - Implied

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Photographers feedback:


patrick labbé:

hi abygail i really like your work. i see your preagnate now ,have you taken shot of you while you are preagnate semi nude . If yes is there any way i could see samples of you . thanks in advance patrick

Chantelle Gray:

Please check out my profile. I am very interested in your look. We are a very professional studio,female owened and operated. We supply the american market and most photo's or videos do not circulate in Canada.

Ryan Thomas:

Fantastic figure, keep up the good work!

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Public feedback:


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