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Biana Loves Jenna adult dvd review.

Buy Briana Loves Jenna here. Starring Briana Banks, Isabella Plus, Jenna Jameson, Jim Enright, Shay Sweet.

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Briana Loves Jenna - Starring Jenna Jameson and Briana Banks
Briana Loves Jenna - Front cover

Briana Loves Jenna - Starring Jenna Jameson and Briana Banks
Briana Loves Jenna - Back cover

Briana Loves Jenna

Stars: Jenna Jameson, Aurora Snow,  Autumn,  Brittany Andrews,  Charlie Jaz,  Donnie Karma,  Eric Everhard,  Flick,  Inari Vachs,  Jay Ashley,  Jewel D'nyle,  Jim Enright,  Johnny G, Justin Sterling,  Karl Anna,  Kathy Curtain,  Lezley Zen, Randy Spears,  Steven St. Croix. 

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In short: Art flick meets nasty hardcore

The film features an awesome and hot cast that at some points literally melts the screen with their presence, especially in the first scene with the pairing of Jenna Jameson and Briana Banks. Not only do the two interact amazingly with each other but they are obviously having much fun with each other. I was disappointed by the scene with Jenna Jameson and Shay Sweet, both excellent stars in their own right, and both seemed to be having fun here, but something was missing from the scene. It could have been the dark lighting that was used in the scene making it look off, but I expected far more from it.

There is a small subplot in the film which involves Jenna seeing a shrink, but it doesn't end up going anywhere. It does provide great filler to break the scenes up and allows for a hot blow job scene done by Jenna Jameson that shows how she became the adult superstar that she now is. The plot breaks are short enough that they shouldn't bother viewers who dislike a plot in their adult films. Viewers who need a plot-based feature probably won't get enough out of the plot filler to satisfy them.

The sex is well done with enough here to satisfy everybody however some scenes may be too intense for couples and viewers who dislike nastier acts. The sexual themes include vaginal and oral sex with lesbian scenes and strap-ons, strap-on anal, A2M, anal beads and titty fucking. The cast has incredible intensity and chemistry together in their scenes that is sure to draw you in.

Also, for those who enjoy blooper scenes, in addition to the blooper reel available from the extra's menu, if you fast forward through the end credits at the end of them you will find another short blooper reel hidden there.


Briana Loves Jenna should be enjoyed by those who like an arty adult film with nastier sex.

Reviewed by: Flash

Briana Loves Jenna

Stars: Briana Banks , Isabella Plus , Jenna Jameson, Jim Enright , Shay Sweet

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This is the easiest 5 I've given in a while. Briana Loves Jenna by Vivid is classy enough for your disgruntled girlfriend and dirty enough for little ol' porn-loving you. The story - and there's blessedly little - follows Patient #333, Jenna Jameson looking well-groomed as usual, as she corrupts the mind of her psychologist, played by Jim Enright. Jenna, it seems, is a real sexual abnormality (go figure): her rampant horniness allows her to live in a fantasy world of sex where she is both man and woman and, strangely, this super-sexuality causes power surges in her padded cell. Yeah, it's lame, but the plot segments are short and completely bearable.

As the synth-choir music swells and Briana and Jenna flounce around an artsy couch, you know this is going to be a quality flick. The whole movie feels like a music video, taking advantage of quick cuts, flashing strobes and at times digital effects (which, admittedly, are over-used sometimes). The result is very erotic - I would liken Briana Loves Jenna's six scenes to watching two people make out in a dark, flashing dance club. Very sexy and transfixing. This would also be a good point to note that if you're looking for a porno to smoke some weed or drop a little E to, this is your movie! Trippy, trendy, gothic and pulsating, the scenes literally undulate and the stormtrooping techno-crud music makes it all the better, strong and rhythmic when it needs to be and slow and fine for the more subdued scenes.

After some beautiful close-up twat-licking (another area where this title excels), pierced and saucy Jenna straps on a black dildo and pummels willing Briana's smooth vagina and tight ass. See what I mean about the nice and naughty? Delightfully enough, some monstrous anal beads and a tidal wave of lube also grace this scene. After Jenna talks about how she's a sex monster, it's off to scene two where Briana takes a slow motion plugging from pokey-dicked Eric Everhard. The synths are moaning in the background and the wet pussy-licking and solid cock-sucking should be appreciated by anyone with these respective body parts. Finally, as the techno reaches its repetitive climax, Eric fucks Briana like a piece of construction equipment gone haywire as he races towards the money shot.

Next Jenna and Shay Sweet, both wearing cropped wigs fool around in a hallway. Make no mistake, this is hot shit. There's even a little section of smoking and gun-licking for all you fetish-collectors out there. Scene four, the least successful, is just a blowjob scene between Jenna and Enright. It's all a fantasy and there are two Jennas (I know, god help us), one servicing Jim in a rubber nurse outfit and another banging herself with a clear dong across the table. This movie continued to surprise me as the next scene finds the ingredients for perfection gathered around a couch surrounded by video monitors: Jenna, Isabella and...a dildo machine!?! Yupe, after some foot worship, Jenna takes on a piston-driven fucking engine for a ride on the futuristic side. Then, she lets the dildo-equipped piston fuck her mouth. That's what cinched the 5, right there, and it's nice little extra nasties like Jenna's tongue squirming around a hammering dildo that really sets this title above others. As if all that wasn't enough, Jenna wields the black strap-on AGAIN and humps her gorgeous friend into oblivion. Lastly Jenna, in a Xena outfit and geisha make-up (!), takes on blind-folded Mr. E for her "first boy-girl scene in 2 years" as the box says. Plenty of nice things happen, rest assured.

With two great bonus scenes of Jenna and Briana masturbating, a hilarious outtakes section (the anal beads make a grand second appearance here) and a Behind the Scenes special, you really have no excuses for missing Briana Loves Jenna. Some viewers may find the flashing music-video format a bit much, but once you get used to it, it's pretty dang sexy and the fucking, of course, is top notch.

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Reviewed by: Rancho Carne

Home > Pornstars > Jenna Jameson, Briana Banks > Briana Loves Jenna
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